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Holy Radiance
2D fractal abstract
Shiny Metal
Pseudo-3D image created using specific coloring.
Fragmented Vision
2D fractal abstract
Racalling Past
Something like a fragment from ancient ruins
Break Out To The Other Side
Abstract 2D fractal
Fractal Hourglass
2D abstract
Some Kind of Flower
A really exotic artistic expression.
Mandelbrot + tree coloring
Lights&Shadows (Spicy)
Early FE fractal. The violet light thing in the middle is remarkable.
Fragmented 2D fractal tree.
Sticks (2)
2D abstract
A multi-layer; multi-location deep zooming example.
Essence of Life
Abstract 2D fractal
Kaleidoscope of Religion
Quadruple symmetry in a two layer J.Pens.Manga formula.
Strange Ways
A very "alien" looking fractal with nice semi-3D objects.
Weeds (2)
2D abstract
A multi layer fragmented fractal tree.
Fractal Cosmos
A classic fractal abstract
Evil Gold
Semi-3D fractal with some metallic look
Early fractint image using modified "royal" color set