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Magic World
Single layer abstract
World of Magic (2)
Single layer abstract
Run to the Hills
This fractal represents a very complex, multi-layer and multi-dimensional world, which flies through a space filled with blue haze.
Jack (4)
This image reminds me on the atmosphere in "Samurai Jack" cartoon
Jack (11)
Infantile, but pleasant looking
Jack (12)
Cosy and warm
Radio Waves
A deeply zoomed fractal spiral
Jack (8)
A peaceful psychodelic vision
This is a remake of an older "Fractint" image made with UF
Surreal Lights
A kind of surreal looking fractal with astrology elements
Psychodelic Landscape
Just trees, sunny sky and white crispy clouds
An interesting lightplay in green. The effect is cuase by mixing of different layers.
Helloween Mood
Pseudo 3D fragment with some shading. No postprocessing here.
Metal Trash
A piece of fractal trashart - simple layering and parsimony of colors.
Blue and Orange
2D fractal abstract
Mask of Tahyon
2D fantasy fractal from "Fractal faces" collection.
Ghost Within The Stone
2D abstract and fantasy image from the "Fractal faces" collection.
Day and Night
2D fractal abstract
2D fractal abstract. The tree is a result of specific coloring formula.
A number of semi-3D mazy fractal spirals.