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Single layer fractal
Brain Damage
Single layer fractal abstract
Brain Damage (2)
Single layer fractal abstract
Brain Damage (3)
Single layer fractal abstract
Lack of Gravity
A pseudo-3D abstract, which is achieved by mixing of colors.
Circles of Light
Looks a bit organic and unusual.
Cold Light
Simple 2 layer fractal with some interesting lightplay.
Deep Zone
This image has been produced by deep zooming of "JHash" formula and here comes the title from. There are some interesting pseudo-3D objects there.
Deep Zone (9)
Deep zomming example.
Deep Zone (10)
Deep zooming example No.10
Deep Zone (11)
Further deep zooming experience. There are an unlimited number of sights of course.
Simple single layer fractal.
Lack of Gravity (2)
A derivation of Mandelprot formula with lots of chickens there :)
Crystal Guardian
Ancient UF fractal, but still looks nice ...
A Matter of Life and Death
For a certain reason this image reminds me on Iron Maiden covers :)
Wooden Filigree
A great detailed shape, which (unfortunately) did not allow better coloring
Answer Lies Within
This reminds of mixed media abstract, which should be printed on at least 1x1.2m canvas
Fire and Ice
Simple fractal abstract
Transparent Worms
A single layer biotic fractal
Veil of Oblivion
This image derives from a "Garden" fractal, but became a quite cosmic after the specific coloring.