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Poison Dreams
Part of the "Spirals" collection
Marching out from Hell
2D fractal abstract.
The Undesired Manna
2D abstract
The Thin Ice
2D fractal abstract
Golden Filigree
2D abstract, part of the "Golden age" collection
Liquid Gold
2D abstract from "Golden age" collection
Emerald Reflection
Abstract work in green and golden colors
Emerald Reflections (2)
Gold on green
Emerald Reflections (3)
Gold on green
Entry of the Realm of Beauty
Overlapping fractal spirals with some classic coloring
Crystal Flowers
Fractal decoration
Fractal decoration
Cosmic Chaos
Abstract image in yellow and blue
Cosmic Chaos (2)
Fractofrenic cosmic chaos vision.
Paralel Worlds
A fractal abstract with symmetric layout and simple coloring.
Paralel Worlds (2)
A fractal abstract, which is quite busy with details.
All My Love
A funny St.Valentine greeting card.
Light Emitting Circles
A simple 2 layer fractal abstract
Strained Nerves
A quite busy multi layer abstract based on classic Mandelbrot formula.
Heads and Lights
This image was created initially for a website banner.