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Shadows in the Red Haze
Two layer fractal abstract
Red Spots
2D fractal abstract
This image is part of "Fractal faces" collection
Cold Fusion
Old fractint abstract
Plates of Harachi (2)
Early Fractint image
Single layer abstract
Cosmic Rainbow
Fantasy Image
Ocean of Dreams
Two layer fantasy image
2D abstract, part of the "Jewelry" collection
Early fractint work with yellow/brown tones
Air Pressure
Abstract XD work
UF Fractal Swarm
2D fractal abstract
UV Fractal Swarm (2)
2D fractal abstract
Eyes of the Earth
2D fractal abstract
Cosmic Genesis
2D fractal abstract
Plastic Flora
3 layer fractal abstract with floral elements
Gravityless Growth
2D fractal abstract.
Jokes of Gravity
A vision from the fractal comsos.
2D fractal abstract
Sparks and Sugarcubes
Part of the "Fireworks" collection