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Midday in the Land of Mohito
Surreal fractal scene
Ice Crystals at Sunshine
A texture type of fractal image, which belongs to the "Winter" collection
Evening Light Bloom
Three layer fractal based on Newton formula.
Starry Sky (2)
An image, which has been ofently used as fractal sky background.
Hole in the Sky
This is a part of the "Skies" collection and has been used as background image in many cases.
Stone Surfice
Texture type of fractal which reminds stone surface
Ghostly Spirals
Yet another vision from the world of ghosts
Spirals of Fire
Abstract 2D fractal
Sparks in Red Haze
2D abstract, composed from "diamond" primitives, which hs some interesting shapes encoded in it.
Magician's Birthday Fireworks
Dedicated to a very old song called "Magician's Birthday", which is one of my favourites ever.
Sign of Wisdom
2D fantasy image
A Dew-drop Before Sunrise
Fractal impression based on a typical spiral structure
Triangles and Squares
Single layer fractal abstract
Rays and Squares
Single layer fractal abstract.
Under the Shroud of Uncertainty
Single layer abstract with some cosmic message
Planet of the Violet Worms
A surreal fractal with some interesting shapes.
Structure (1)
4 layer fractal abstract
Structure (2)
4 layer fractal abstract
Structure (3)
4 layer fractal abstract
Floral Colorplay
A floral abstract