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Winter Tale
Spiral work reminding winter lights.
Angel Eyes
An image from the "Fantasy" coillection. There is a series of fractal shapes, which remind faces or fantasy creatures.
Purple Whirlpool
Early fractint creation with the classic "royal" color set.
West Side
This fractal is from the "Trash art" series.
The Duality of Time
An abstract work from the "Spirals" collection.
Simplicity (2)
A derivation of Julia set with some nice blue tones.
Mental Deviations
Besides the funny title, this picture has a nice looking texture and some intriguing shapes.
Spiral Mimoids
Yes, the term is borrowed from Lem's novel "Solaris"; suppose more such words must be invented to describe the fractal world
Universe in Red
A 2D with simple coloring which uses the classic Mandelbrot formula.
Coloured Universe
This image was designed initially as a banner background for a website, but the depth and shading became good enough for a standalone picture also.
Time Deviations
An abstract image, which is identified my most of the people to a clock ticker.
Warm Sunsrays
A summer impression
A Mirror of Time
Simple abstract fractal with cold color set.
A cosmic vision in neon colors
Monkey Tricks
Single layer 2D fractal
Surreal Playground
2D abstract fractal
Shinva's Eye
Two layer 2D fractal
Surreal Playground (2)
Simple two layer 2D fractal in pink and blue.
Jokes of Gravity
This image is simple from technology point of view, but it has a great depth and interesting shapes.
Circle Widgets
Abstract 2D fractal