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Floral Impression in Blue and Red
2D abstract
Bloom and Jewel
2D abstract
Clown Flowers
2D fractal abstract
Colorplay (3)
A 2D fractal abstract created with Xeno Dream texture generator.
Colorplay (2)
2D fractal abstract
Exploration of the [Amazing Box] formula in Mandelbulb3D
Box (005)
Created with Mandelbulb3D using [Amazing Box] formula and some color presets
Box (002)
One of the first Mandelbulb3D images
Box (009)
EXploration of [Amazing Box] formula in Mandelbulb3D fractal generator
Box (019)
Exploration of [Amazing Box] formula in Mandelbulb3D
Cubism (158a)
Variation of [Amazing Box] formula in Mandelbulb 3D fractal generator
Cubism (167)
Rendered with Mandelbulb3D