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A fractint image based on "popcorn" formula. Has a custimized version of "cold" clorset.
Spiral Vision
Fractal abstract in blue and purple
Rays of Hope
Abstract fractal work
Ghost in the Shell
Abstract fractal shell in yellow-magenta. Created with Fractint and the standard "royal" color scheme.
2D fractal abstract based on Mandelbrot formula
Unusual forms and strong coloring.
Winter winds
Symmetric fractal spirals with winter colors.
Alien Mask
2D fractal in gold and blue.
Sparks and Lights
Fractal abstract from "Fantasy" series.
Violet Ice
A fractal abstract from the "Winter" collection. Parsimony of colors make it good for bckgrounds and texture usage.
Orange (4)
This strange artefact is not comparable with anything - a good example of how unusual fractal shapes can be.
Neon Spirals (12)
Fractal abstract in neon colors, based on "Barsley" formula.
Fractasia (18)
Surreal "fractofrenic" vision based on "Barsley" formula.
Rapid Fire
A fractal spiral based on Newton formula.
Grey Light
This image is part of the "Broken Mirror Art" series and contains also some floral elements.
Lazy Afternoon
From Garden series
Neon Roundabout
Floral elements and neon colors. Part of the "Fireworks" series.
Autumn Impression
An autumn mood floral impression. It was "Fractal of the week" in November 2004 in "Renderosity".
Cosmic Revelation
Fantastic multi-layer cosmic vision.
Jack's Playground
Semi-symmetric 2D fractal. The shapes and the colorset remind on some kids cartoons.