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This one of my very frist fractal composition from early 1996. Made with Fractint.
Surreal Fractint creation. The remarcable thing here is the way pure 2D patterns turn into a pseudo-3D shape.
Fractal Orchid
A fractal bloom created with Fractint fractal generator.
Flud Metal
A very stylish Fractint work, which uses the "cold" color set.
This is in fact a distorted kaleidoscope shape, but it reminds a helix shell.
Midday Sunshine
A Fractint creation
Long Tongoue
Early Fractint work
Sunset Colors
Early Fractint work.
A psychodelic work made with Fractint
That's Life
A Fractint work
A fractint "classic"
Long Way Home
One of my favourite Fractint images. It's very surreal and expressive in the same time.
The Web
A Fractint "classic" abstract.
Circle Web
Early Fractint work using modified "cold" color set.
A dynamically looking Fractint image. Something like a tree in the wind.
Wind (2)
A fractint abstract
An parsimony, but elegant looking Fractint image.