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Racalling Past
Something like a fragment from ancient ruins
Abstract monochrome Fractint image
Coliseum (2)
Fractint fractal using "cold" color set. The architectural taste of this image has been done for purpuse. It is part of "Ruins" collection.
Fractofrenia (113)
This very busy and very crazy composition is actually a single layer Fractit image using "cold" color set.
The Fractofrenic Monument
A Fractint fractal part of the "Ruins" collection.
A single layer fractal, which reminds me on a futuristic skyline.
The Fractofrenic Monument (2)
Just another psychodelic fractal
The Fractofrenic Monument (3)
A Fractint abstract, part of "Ruins" collection.
Fractint Cityscape
A Fractint fractal, which looks like a two color urban impression.
Fractint Cityscape (2)
A futuristic vision from end of 20th century, generated with Fractint.
Fractofrenia (14)
A fractint psychodelic image
A Fractint image, which looks like a damaged brain product.
Tanatos Palast
Early monochrome Fractint image
Tanatos Palast (2)
Pseudo-architectural fractal scratch
Greeny Ruins
Early Fractint image form "Ruins" collection
Fractal Ruins
This image looks like a visioon of ancient ruins in Greek style. Early Fractint.
Architectural Study
Single layer semi-monochrome Fractint.
Ruins (4)
The remarkable thing here is that the image is produced from a single formula without any post processing.
Ruins (76)
More surreal visions with different coloring.
Poison Stone
The taste comes from the way this image is colored.