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3D fractal abstract
Just an unusual XD shape
Frozen Time
A Xeno Dream construction
Shadows & Artefacts
Fantasy impression
Shadows & Artifacts (2)
A Xeno Dream construction
Underground Vision
Abstract XD work
Vision Underwater
Abstract XD work
Air Pressure
Abstract XD work
Your Turn
A Xeno Chess composition
Texture Play
Some experimenting with FBMY texture creation
A 3D monochome abstract, which is a successful combination of IFS shapes and metamrphs
Genesis (2)
The picture of the cosmic genesis with some metallic coloring.
The Plastic Flower
A semi-transparent XD shape over a fractal background
Greenies (3)
Some funny characters constructed from XD graphic primitives
Some fractal jewels
Metal (102)
A metal object constructed from 2 holons
Metal (99)
A brass object on a sky texture
Metal Maze (4)
A metallic IFS construction
Metal Plastic (3)
A copper sculpture composed from cones and spheres
Alien Sky
A 3D fractal abstract with rather alien look