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Cosmic Revelation
Fantastic multi-layer cosmic vision.
Coloured Universe
This image was designed initially as a banner background for a website, but the depth and shading became good enough for a standalone picture also.
A cosmic vision in neon colors
Under the Shroud of Uncertainty
Single layer abstract with some cosmic message
Space Truckin'
A very old, but nice fractint image with blue color set.
Moons of Agate
This image was created during testing of a beta version of Xeno Dream. At the end it became one of the most attractive examples of terrain generation.
Red Sky (9)
Fantasy & Sci-Fi scene created with Xeno Dream
A good example of how Xeno Dream works as a terrain generator
A cosmic landscape
Space Colony
A Sci-Fi Xeno Dream scene, which combines IFS structures and metamorphed holons.
Deep Impact
A cosmic vision with asteroids created with the terrain generator in Xeno Dream.
Stratosphere Fighters
Fractal modeling with Xeno Dream
Cosmic Sci-Fi landscape created with Xeno Dream
Fractal modeling with Xeno Dream. This sci-fi vehicle is composed by 24 holons (2D graphic primitives) and some fractal metamorphs and the save file is less than 2K :)
Moonwalker (2)
A quite real looking sci-fi scene.
Station 9
From the "Space stations" collection
Satellite 92
Space machinery
In Memoriam to the great polish sci-fi writer Stanislav Lem. This image has been inspired by his novel "Solaris" - one of the best sci-fi books ever.
The Milk Way
Space machinery created using a fractal model
Steam Engine in Space
Just a joke