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Ruby Necklace
An image from the "jewelry" collection in red and white colors
Diamond Spirals
A fractal work from the "Jewely" collection. Classic color set - diamonds on dark blue velvet.
Blue Diamonds
A fractal necklace from the "Jewelry" collection.
The "Flame" Brooch
A fractal jewelry creation.
Little Violet Devil
An uncategorized jewelry decoration with interesting form and a nice violet light coming from the inside.
Egyptian Necklace
Part of the "Jewelry" collection.
Golden Tree Brooch
Part of the "Jewelry" collection.
Light from the Inside (3)
Part of the "Jewelry" collection with some interesting lightplay
Blue Diamonds (2)
Classic fractal jewelry
Light From the Inside (Red)
Part of the "Jewelry" collection
Pilgrim Crystals
Part of the "Jewelry" collection
Mountain Crystal Brooch
Part of the Jewelry collection
Daemon's Face
Part of the "Jewelry" collection
Mask of Ay Toyon
2D fractal abstract. The name comes from a very old Sci-Fi book called "The Air Dealer"
Ocean Fresh
Looks like a perfume
Dazed Twins
2D abstract from the "Golden age" series
Dream of Shambhala
2D abstract from "Golden age" series
Beauty and Elegance
An image from the "Jewelry" collection
Blue Diamonds (2)
A "Jewelry" work
Amber Necklace
Part of the "Jewelry" collection