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Ghost in the Shell
Abstract fractal shell in yellow-magenta. Created with Fractint and the standard "royal" color scheme.
Purple Whirlpool
Early fractint creation with the classic "royal" color set.
Royal Plant
A fractint image created using the "royal" color set
Plates of Harachi
A fractint image with royal color set. The name comes from the legen of the golden plates of Harachi, where the knowledge of ancient civilizations is stored.
Plates of Harachi (2)
Early Fractint image
Fractint Dragon
A distorted fractal spiral, which reminds a stylized dragon.
Single layer fractint spiral
Early fractint work with yellow/brown tones
Early fractint image using modified "royal" color set
Classy Entertainment - Part 1
Early Fractint image with "royal" color set.
Classy Entertainment - Part 2
A fractint work, which uses modified Nj-Newton formula
Imaginary Flora
Surreal floral Fractint image
Imaginary Flora (2)
Surreal floral Fractint image
Plates of Harachi (6)
Single layer Fractint work
Plates of Harachi (7)
Single layer Fractint work
Fairy Tale
A Single layer fractal, created with Fractint, which looks very much like a true color image.
Royal Filigree
Single layer abstract created with Fractint
The Flip Movie
A Fractint abstract created using the flip formula
Painting 22
A fractal painting
Painting (24)
A fractint image based on "Popcorn" formula.