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Jordan Gallery
Jordan Sourtchev official Website.

Paul N.Lee Fractal pages
Excellent resource about fractals. Not only computer generated fractal images, several exhaustive lists of fractal related information concerning Software, Tutorials, Books, Videos, Music, etc..., but home to the world renowned "Fractal Census". Plus, the hosting site for Jim Muth's FOTD (Fractal Of The Day).

XFusionistic Art
Xfusionism is a form or concept of art that incorporates any number of styles such as Abstract, Expressionism, Surrealism, Neo-Expressionism, Outsider, Brut or Aboriginal art into one piece and then X-tracts their major components leaving their spirit to create a completely unique art form.

Fractal Abyss
Official website of Joseph Presley

Picture Realm
Title - Alternative Psychedelic and Fantasy Art

Enchanted Forest Paintings
Personal site of Sergey Lukyanov

art-galleries (and more)
art galleries, 2d and 3d..tutorials, downloads, and a lot of stuff for psp

Fractals at Nahee Enterprises Website
Contains hundreds of fractal images, several tutorials (including example files available for download), and much more, all in galleries separated by the various fractal generating applications. Plus, the hosting site for "O's" incredible gaalery.

Dirk C. Monteny's gallery
Fractal gallery of Dirk C. Monteny in Renderosity

Nick Stevens Fractal Galleries
Nick Stevens personal fractal galleries, including fractals produced with Xenodream, Ultrafractal, and other software. Many hundreds of images!

Nick Stevens Xenodream Hub
Nick Stevens Xenodream page, with tips, tutorials, images, and parameter files fo download..

Fractal Recursions
Welcome to the ever-evolving exhibition of Jock Cooper's Fractal Art. A noteworthy recent addition to the site is the Zoomable Fractal Gallery; an interactive playground that allows one to zoom through six levels in each quadrant of a given fractal image. As always, the newer images are in the highest gallery numbers, and new images are added several times a week.

Renderosity Art Community
This is my online gallery of fractal images created with either Ultrafractal or XenoDream

Philippe Wautelet's personal website. Contains several galleries, a short FAQ and other information about fractals.

12 signs of zodiac. Artwork to represent the different life paths and tempraments of us all.

Online Gallery of Markus Vogt
My name is Markus Vogt and this website focused on the digital art of 2D and 3D graphics as well as some macro photographic stuff or at least detailed close up shots. I´ve started creating computer images a few years ago - first of all with 2D image processing or illustration programs, shortly later i´ve become interested in the incredible possibilities of 3D modeling and animation packages. These are my main focus now and there is always a lot to learn and discover. Although i´m still interested in other kinds of art too, my aim here is to cover only visual art related stuff quite a bit more in detail and depth. I want to expand the content regularly of course, you can then find the latest material under the Current tab. All of my images were developed and created during the last 3 years under different moods, inspirations or ideas. I am always interested in various graphic styles or themes and so i did totally different images in part. Because of this i didn´t want to put all of them into one Gallery and so i´ve categorized the pictures more or less. Please feel free to look around - you will find short descriptions or hints in the various sections as well as individual image sizes under the thumbnails for better convenience and a correct appearance on your screen. So you are also able to choose a smaller picture size for faster loading but still at decent proportions. If you should like this kind of art or if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.

Dirk Monteny's Website
The personal website of one of the most interesting fractal artists nowadays. He defined a number of Xeno Dream composition techniques such as "Sierpinski Buildings", which are used further by many artists. He also created some remarkable examples for integration between Xeno Dream and Vue Infinite. Here you will find most of his Xeno Dream, Vue and Ultra Fractal works.